Kalkat Fruit & Nut Company

Kalkat Fruit and Nut is a family owned and operated processing, packaging, and shipping enterprise handling dried fruits and nuts. All of our products are farmed by the Kalkat family and dehydrated at our own facilities, ensuring that food safety is practiced throughout the supply chain. Since we are growers and handlers of our own fruit, we have a competitive edge over other suppliers and that is reflective in our prices. Kalkat Fruit and Nut was founded by Amrik S. Kalkat, a grassroots farmer, and his legacy continues today. Our ambition is to be the best in the business by providing superior quality products and industry best customer relations.

California Dried Plum Board

Bringing you quality products from field to fork

Kalkat Fruit & Nut company management are active members of the California Dried Plum Association and the prestigious DFA of California. The DFA of California is a world recognized association that promotes and aims to maintain high quality standards for the dried fruit industry.